Junior Rugby – Our Team

The Junior Club is run by a dedicated team of volunteer Committee Members, Managers, Coaches and supporters.  Any club is only as successful as the time put into it by these volunteers.  Most of the volunteers commit hours of work to the club while continueing on with their normal lives and jobs.  A big thanks to all involved past and present.

2017 Committee

Captain: Brad Thompson (Lambie) (Ph: 021613738)

Treasurer/Admin: Teresa Underwood

Gear Co-Ordinator: Brigid Lamont

Junior Field and Club Co-Ordinator: Gav Kennedy (Ph:021466634)

J1 Co-Ordinator: Brigid Lamont

J2 Co-Ordinator: Jarad Boyle

J3 Co-Ordinator: Rachel McIver

J4 Co-Ordinator: Cherie Bibbie

J5 Co-Ordinator: Kris Cunningham

J6 Co-Ordinator: Kris Cunningham

Ripper Co-Ordinator: Brad Thompson

2016 Coaches and Managers

J1 Green

Coach: Dwayne Glasgow

Coach: Derek Whinney

J1 Black

Coach: Shane Wijohn

Coach: Leigh Thornton

J2 Green

Coach: Talalelei Petelo

Manager: Ingrid Hughes

J2 Black

Coach: Shane Don

Manager: Brigid Lamont

J3 Green

Coach: Dean Supple

Coach: Morne Barnard

J3 Black

Coach: Boyd Gillespie

Coach: Dave Gowans

J4 Gold

Coach: John MacIver

Manager: Rachel MacIver

J4 Black

Coach: Brent Bibbie

Manager: Cherie Bibbie

J4 Green

Coach: Joe Murphy

Manager: Andrea Landon

J5 Gold

Coach:Leon Pattern

Coach: Dan Simpkin

J5 Green

Coach: Brendon Peirce

Coach: Graham Kristiffor

J5 Black

Coach: Chris Dalton

Manager/Coach: Hayden Reid

J5 White

Coach: Glen McGuire

Coach: Boon Leano

J5 Red

Coach: Clint Farr

Manager: Jenny Morris

J5 Blue

Coach: Rob Cleghorn

Manager: Tania Davey

J6 Green

Coach: Cam Court

Coach: Campbell Thorburn

J6 Black

Coach: Dean Supple

Coach: Warren Tobin

J6 White

Coach: Kris Cunningham

Coach: Fraser Smith

J6 Gold

Coach: Dean Isgrove

Manager: Kelly Isgrove

J6 Red

Coach: Daniel Court

Coach: Paul Epplett

J7 Gold

Coach: Brian Van Der Westhuiten.


J7 Black

Coach: Richard Penny

Manager: Rachel de Zoete

J7 White

Coach: Tristian Barker

Coach: Dave Lille

J7 Green

Coach: John Scott

Coach: Darren Platt

J8 Gold

Coach: Mike Radford

Coach: Chris Peterson

J8 Green

Coach: Johnathan Patterson

Coach: Robert Deed

J8 White

Coach: Joseph Johansen


J8 Yellow

Coach: Hamish Congalton


J8 Blue

Coach: Rufus Churter

Coach: Scott Garratt


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