Some sprigs on the football or soccer boots do not meet World Rugby or IRB specifications

Dear Clubs and Schools,

There was a problem last year with retailers selling football or soccer boots as rugby boots and we have been made aware of problems this season with junior players boots.  Some sprigs on the football or soccer boots do not meet World Rugby or IRB specifications with the sprig not being 10mm across the end or top – see attachment and note approved sprig dimensions.  See examples of Football or Soccer boots  and Rugby boots .

NZRU advise that globally, most major boot manufacturers including Adidas work very closely with World Rugby to ensure all boots in their “rugby boot” ranges, comply with World Rugby requirements. However this is where it becomes a retailer issue in how they educate staff and promote and advertise stock in their shops, advertising leaflets and on their websites and ultimately when selling a product. Some retailers, in the interests of a sale may not be displaying the same diligence as manufacturers in maintaining compliance with World Rugby standards. To some of them “boots are boots” and some may not make the distinction between “rugby boots” and ‘football boots’. Also in most cases it is not a boots issue, it is a “sprigs” issue.

Best course of action is for clubs and schools to advise parents to make sure that they are purchasing “rugby boots” as opposed to “football boots” and be made aware of World Rugby/IRB approved sprig dimensions.  If they have purchased “football” boots as opposed to “rugby” boots with narrow football boot sprigs, they should try and return them and purchase “rugby” boots with approved sprigs.  Alternatively replace the illegal sprigs with approved rugby sprigs as the boot itself maybe preferred by the player or the retailer is reluctant to replaced used boots.

Potentially following boot inspections Referees and Associate Referees will not permit the player to wear boots with illegal or football sprigs.


Denis Henderson | Club and School Liaison Officer
DDI:  (09) 447 2106 | Mob: (027) 647-3685| Fax: (09) 447-2101|

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