Congratulations to the following East Coast Bays players, coaches, managers and suuporters.


Roller Mills Awards     Club Awards  
Eric Leef     Hottest Potential Celebrity of the Year Dan Arakawa
Troy Brophy     Most Successful Negotiator of the Year Dean Thompson
Zac Murdoch     Communicator of the Year Mark Thornton
Jack Robertson     Vodafone Award for the most pocket calls in a year Geoff Faulkner
Joshua Inger     Junior Committee Cup Maureen and Peter Sipkes
Caelan Burns     Past Club Captains Cup-Ideal Team Manager Peter Bowerman
William Gowans     Presidents Cup- Grades Coach of the Year Elton Wichman
Tayne Kerekere     Golden Runner Cup – Club Volunteer of the Year David Meacher
      Old Boys Cup- Outstanding Achievement by Coach or Manager David Keelty
Womens Sevens     McKewon-Khan Cup-Senior Coaches of the Year Dean Thompson, Brett Beckham
Most Promising Player Alex Phillips   WA Begg Cup- Best Supporting Team Premier 2
Most Outstanding Player Stacy Martin   Club Captains Cup- Best performed Team Premier 2
      Stredwick Cup- Most outstanding Team U85s
Mens Sevens Awards     Neil Lyndsay Trophy- Most Improved Grades Player Nelson Patchett
Harbour Flooring Concepts – Most Promising Player Ross Mckean   JV Bainimarama Trophy- Back Of the Year Adam Boyd
Most Valuable Team Member James Penman   The Penman Cup – Forward of the Year James Penman
RJM Bennett Cup – Player of the Year Tim Ball   Buddha Cup – Most Promising Front Rower of the Year Dan Rogers
Premier 1 Awards     Front Row Club Trophy- Front Row Payer of the Year Nathan McWalter
Concrete Concepts Cup-Senior Management Special Award Paul and Troy Brophy      
      Stan Brown Memorial Trophy- Sportsman of the Year Josh York
Trevor Oliver Memorial Trophy- Most Improved Player Nelson Patchett      
      Simon Moore Memorial Scholarship Award Eddy Sommers
Sun Alliance Cup- Most Promising Player Francois Marais      
      John Salkeld Memorial Trophy (Outstanding Spirit, Inspiration & Commitment to ECB Rugby) Mike Allnutt
The Evander Trophy- Most Valuable Team Player Zak Judge      
      Club Person of the Year Larry McWalter
Sherman Corser- Player of the Year Josh York      
      Swinton Laurie Memorial Trophy- Longest Serving Member Ritchie Asher
Premier 2 Awards     Bruce Fulham Cup- Most Improved Player Michael McLean
JBS Electrical-Most Improved Player Jonathan Lopes Da Silva      
      Chapman Nasey Cup- Forward of the Year Mark Lockie
Joy Kelleway Cup- Most Valued Team Member Gareth Grayson      
      Moke Whanau Cup- Best Back Ash Brown
The Colours Cup-Outstanding Commitment to Senior 1st Rugby Adam Boyd      
      Gummy Parker Trophy – Supporter of the Year Dan Perry
Eileen Swinbourne Memorial trophy- Player of the Year Michael Watts      
Under 21s     Under 19s – Awards  
Jim Pollock Memorial Cup- Most Improved Player Logan Brown   Rod Radonovich Cup- Most Motivated Player of the Year Chris Wright
Neil Burgess Cup – Most Valued Team Member Tom Davies   John Curtayne Cup- Most Improved Player Ian Hendry
Bays Foundations Cup – Team man of the Year Daniel Allen   Most Valued Team Member Josiah Steiner
Windsor Park Hotel Cup – Player of the Year Cody Sweet   Phil Searle Trophy- Player of the Year Andrew Warren
Under 85’s Awards        
Stuart Joyce Cup- Player of the Year Joel Brown      
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